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March 2016

Nails Skincare March 8, 2016

A Cure for Your Cuticles from Deborah Lippmann

Growing up I was a chronic nail biter – it got so bad that I began picking away at my cuticles once the nails were too low to chew on. I know – gross and not very hygienic. In college, to rectify the problem I started making it a priority to polish my nails as often as possible. I obviously didn’t like the taste of nail polish so it helped with the biting, but not my cuticles. They became so dry and…

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Skincare March 8, 2016

The Morning After: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


I don’t know if any of you follow the IG account Betches, but you should. They posted this hilarious meme recently that says, “Ever just accidentally black out every weekend?” I have gotten better at not doing this every weekend, but when my friends and I plan to go out partying – we party. Not only are hangovers the worst because of how they make you feel, but they can really take a toll on your physical appearance as well…

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Fragrance General Beauty Hair Makeup Nails Skincare March 8, 2016

The Grand Opening: Welcome to

I actually bought the domain for this site back in July of 2015. While on my way to a nail appointment, a woman approached me and asked about the makeup I was wearing, to which I gave her the lowdown on all of my favorite products and brands. We began discussing skincare routines and I was so excited that I almost missed my train stop. She said she was surprised that I didn’t work in the beauty and cosmetics industry since I seemed so passionate…

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