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April 2016

Makeup April 28, 2016

Can Lip Gloss Make a Comeback?

In middle school, you couldn’t tell me nothin’ when it came to the amount of lip gloss I wore. I literally had tubes and tubes of clear Lip Smacker gloss, and I didn’t use it sparingly. Eventually (along with the hoop earrings) this started to fade out of my day-to-day look. Nowadays I prefer a bold lipstick, usually matte. However, I’ve been curious as of late to explore the realm of gloss once more. So, I decided to test out…

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Makeup April 21, 2016

Beauty on a Budget: My Drugstore Favs

I am the first to admit, makeup is too damn expensive. Not that, that stops me from buying MAC or brands at Sephora, but it does add up. Believe it or not I really feel some drugstore brands are on par with their more expensive counterparts in terms of quality, and after all, buying products at the drugstore is where it all started for me at the beginning of college. Here are some favorites that are currently in my makeup…

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Makeup Skincare April 20, 2016

BirchBox Review: RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes

One of my favorite ways to learn about and try new beauty products is with the company BirchBox – it’s ridiculously convenient and fun. Basically, for $10 a month they send me 5 samples of different beauty products that fit my specific needs. For the month of March I didn’t exactly like my selection – however, this month my favorite samples were the RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes ($1 for individual; $16 for 20-pack). As you know from my previous…

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General Beauty Hair April 7, 2016

Shea Moisture’s Powerful Debut TV Commercial

In my Welcome post for I sited an article that was featured on Refinery29 about the underrepresentation of Black women in the beauty industry. An issue that I feel strongly about and am glad to see is being brought to the forefront of the cosmetics conversation these days. Today while chatting with my girl Brittany, she shared with me the first ever television commercial from Shea Moisture and it really sparked some emotion from us both. When I posted…

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Makeup April 7, 2016

My Favorite Summer Lip Color from Kat Von D Beauty

I am so sorry for the delay in posts! Just got back from New Orleans a few days ago and I’ve been playing catch up with my life. The trip was amazing, to say the least. My mom and I had a blast – and since the weather was so great, I got to pretend it was really summer for a few days. While there, I also got to revive one of my favorite lip colors that I discovered at…

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