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Can Lip Gloss Make a Comeback?

In middle school, you couldn’t tell me nothin’ when it came to the amount of lip gloss I wore. I literally had tubes and tubes of clear Lip Smacker gloss, and I didn’t use it sparingly. Eventually (along with the hoop earrings) this started to fade out of my day-to-day look. Nowadays I prefer a bold lipstick, usually matte. However, I’ve been curious as of late to explore the realm of gloss once more. So, I decided to test out a few colors from some of my favorite brands.

LORAC Alter Ego Lip Gloss ($16)

Photo Credit: LORAC
Photo Credit: LORAC

First, I’d like to say I love LORAC’s packaging and brand aesthetic – super minimal, chic and feminine. All of their products are highly pigmented and what I love about their Alter Ego Lip Gloss is that its filled with Antioxidants like Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract etc. They are super long lasting, smell great and don’t cake throughout the day. What I hate when I see others with lip gloss on is when it cakes and gives that white line between your lips (gross!). My two favorite colors from the collection are Secret Agent and Jet Setter.



Black | Up Perfectly Nude Balm ($27)


This next gloss isn’t exactly considered a lip gloss, but a balm with a glossy finish, which is perfect because it moisturizes and rejuvenates your lips. Also, don’t let the name fool you, Black | Up ‘s Perfectly Nude Balm comes in a number of flattering colors inspired by the natural lip colors of black women. My personal favorite is the brownish red colored Baume 05.

_SAJ1559 _SAJ1570 _SAJ1562

Essence Liquid Lipstick ($3.49)

Essence Liquid Lipstick
Photo Credit: Essence Cosmetics

What’s great about Essence ‘s Liquid Lipsticks is that they offer the full coverage you want from a regular lipstick but with a moisturizing and glossy finish. Also, what makes this liquid lipstick even better is that it’s super affordable! I love a good deal, especially when the quality is all there. My favorite shade is Peach Party.


Black | Up Lip Lacquer ($23)

Photo Credit: Black | Up

Another gloss I love from Black | Up is their Lip Lacquer. My, oh my do these colors really pack a punch! When it comes to coverage, they are amazing. I absolutely fell in love with the bold color VL 06. At first when I started to apply, the color really took me by surprise – I had no idea it was that highly pigmented. My only issue is the applicator –it was a little difficult to spread the gloss, but aside from that I absolutely love this color. It’s great for a sexy night out look.

_SAJ1603_SAJ1599 _SAJ1594

Pacifica Lip Gloss ($12)

Pacifica Lip Gloss
Photo Credit: Pacifica

Another brand I love for their skincare products is Pacifica, this was my first time trying something from their makeup collection and I loved the color. Pacifica’s Lip Gloss comes in a number of neutral and pink / red shades that each have great coverage. My only issue was the application process – it took a lot for me to get the amount of gloss I needed on the applicator each time. Aside from that, I’m into it and love the Nudist shade.


(photos by Steve Jackson)


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