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Shea Moisture’s Powerful Debut TV Commercial

In my Welcome post for AishaBeau.com I sited an article that was featured on Refinery29 about the underrepresentation of Black women in the beauty industry. An issue that I feel strongly about and am glad to see is being brought to the forefront of the cosmetics conversation these days. Today while chatting with my girl Brittany, she shared with me the first ever television commercial from Shea Moisture and it really sparked some emotion from us both.

When I posted on Instagram about the Refinery29 article, a friend commented and said that this means it’s a good time for black entrepreneurs to serve the need of Black women by creating more products. I agreed with him, but then went on to say the bigger issue is with retailers and how products for women of color are marketed…or not marketed for that matter.

Beauty aisles in our local grocery or drug stores are usually fully stocked, offering a robust array of products catering to a number of different needs. However, when it comes to products that work specifically for Black hair and skin, those items are generally limited to one small section (often times labeled ‘ethnic’) with only a minor product offering. Shea Moisture addresses this issue with a powerful commercial showcasing the struggle Black women face while trying to purchase new products, take a peek at the video below.

Its time for us to #BreakTheWalls !


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  1. Bravo! it’s about time!