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Hair Care by Innersense Beauty!

While attending the Credo event last month I met quite a number of reps from some amazing beauty brands. One brand I was approached by who really sparked my interest was hair care line, Innersense. Innersense is an organic beauty brand that specializes in providing products that are 100% clean and ethically sourced. What I love about Innersense is that they are built on the motto of “Beauty without compromise,” which reflects their personal values. They source ingredients sustainably and work with global partners as well as local farmers to ensure ethical harvesting practices.

With such an impressive mission and care for the well being of not only their customers but the environment, I had to give their products a try. I spoke to a representative from their team and gave her details on my hair type and needs, she then put together a curated “Hair Ceremony” for me inclusive of a few different products that I might like. I received their Pure Harmony Hairbath ($24.00), Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner ($26.00), Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner ($22.00), Inner Reflection Finishing Polish ($18.00), Quiet Calm Curl Control ($22.00) and the Harmonic Healing Oil ($22.00).


I tried the products before I put my twists in and let me tell you, I was thoroughly impressed. At first, the Pure Harmony Hairbath (shampoo) was a little scary because it truly cleansed and stripped my hair of all the dirt and oiliness. So it felt a bit brittle at first since it was extremely clean. I did two washes with it and could really feel it working down to my scalp. Then, I used the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, which completely restored the moisture in my hair and left it feeling extremely soft and hydrated, even after drying with my towel. From there I spritzed on leave in conditioner before blow drying – which not only smelt amazing, but helped maintain moisture as I applied heat. I ended with the Harmonic Healing Oil to give my hair some shine and to keep my scalp hydrated.



As far as the Inner Reflection Finish Polish goes, I applied this while styling but it also works really well with edge control. It really slicks the hell out of my baby hairs. Since I’m not natural, I had my girlfriend Devan try the Quiet Calm Curl Control and she LOVED it – so I’m not exaggerating here. She said it really makes her curls feel baby soft and that she’ll definitely start using more of Innersense’s products. Another thing I found interesting about the brand is, although it isn’t solely targeted to women of color, the rep mentioned to me that she’s been getting a lot of great feedback from Black women, especially those with natural hair.

Although I have my twists in, I’ve still been using their products. During the time in which my scalp was super itchy, their shampoo helped stop it right away. I also spray on their leave in conditioner and apply the healing oil every few days to keep my scalp well hydrated. I highly recommend giving this brand a try!



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