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July 2016

General Beauty Hair Skincare July 25, 2016

I Love My: Hair Removal Gel By Veet!

Something I frequently discuss with other women is hair removal — most notably, hair removal “down there.” What’s the best way to go about it? What lasts the longest? What is the least painful? Honestly, it’s all about preference and finding the right products for your skin and needs. Personally, I’ve tried a few methods — shaving, normal waxing, sugar waxing and removal gels. My favorite to-date has to be hair removal gel. For a long time I would shave…

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Skincare July 13, 2016

May Lindstrom Skin: The Honey Mud

Adopting a skincare routine that helps in maintaining a balanced complexion is something I find soooo important, especially in the summer months. Not only are we exposed to so many UV Rays that alter our skin’s pigmentation, but because it’s so unbearably hot—we are less likely to wear products like foundation and concealer to achieve an even tone. My go to remedy to accomplish this is by masking. I feel facial masks are perfect for getting an evenly distributed amount…

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Makeup July 6, 2016

A Case For Black Lipstick!

As you all know, I love experimenting with lip colors and textures–the bolder, the better. This time around I decided to take a new risk and venture off into the world of black lipstick. I know, super gothic and a little extreme, but I had to try it for myself. Also, I get that it’s the middle of summer, so I wouldn’t advise rocking it during the day, but it actually does give a very chic nighttime look. The black…

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