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My 2017 Beauty Resolutions!

I know, a lot of people think making New Year’s Resolutions is bogus and that they rarely get fulfilled, but I’m a firm believer in at least jotting down goals. If they don’t come to fruition within the year, they will in the time they are supposed to — so long as you put them in front of yourself. A few months ago I was reading an old entry in my journal that had a list of goals I wanted to hit within my career (from about 5 years ago). I didn’t have a set time frame listed in which I wanted to accomplish everything, but I knew these were things I wanted. I completely forgot about the list specifically, but because I wrote these items down they were in my mind over the years, and I’m proud to say that I accomplished pretty much all of them. Now I have a whole slew of new goals I’d like to accomplish, including getting these finances in order and upping the ante with my beauty routine. Now, I’m not going to go into my finances on this blog, but lets just say at times I like to live a caviar lifestyle on a chicken tender budget (working on it!). What I do want to share, however, are my beauty goals / resolutions for the next year and beyond. So, here they are …

Cleanse My Face in the Morning

Obviously washing your face with a cleanser before bed is extremely important because your skin and body as a whole go to work on restoring itself at night. However, it’s also important to cleanse in the morning since it helps lessen oil build up from the night before. I do this from time to time with a gentle cleanser but definitely want to more often in the new year.

Wash My Makeup Brushes Once a Week

I am definitely that person who uses brushes for MONTHS and MONTHS without washing. It isn’t until recently–because I’ve been mixing in a lot of new products into my routine, that I’ve decided to really start washing my brushes. Just thinking about the amount of germs that are in months or even year old brushes is sickening, but for some reason I still don’t wash ’em. I’m  going to in 2017, I promise..

Get Facials More Regularly

We get our hair and nails done regularly, why not pamper the part of your body that is seen first and most prominently — your face. I got my first facial this year at HeyDay and it was great, I also was able to get some professional insight on skincare issues I didn’t even know I had. I get it, they’re pricey so I of course wouldn’t go weekly — but possibly once a month or every other month. Treat-yo-self!

Limit Heat Styling

I am so guilty of overly exposing my hair to heat. I flat iron or curl my hair several times a week. It isn’t until recently that I’ve begun to notice that it miiiight actually be effecting my hair. I of course use a heat protector spray as I’ve mentioned, but with using heat so much it honestly doesn’t make too much of a difference. SO in 2017, and the days leading up, I’m going to experiment with more heatless styling methods. Flexi Rodding my hair tonight!

Experiment More with My Day-to-Day Look

I am a creature of habit. If I find something on a menu at a restaurant I like, I’ll order it every time. I read all of my favorite websites in the same order every day. I stand in the same spot on the subway platform and go onto the same train car every day to work .. I can literally go on. This also goes for my daily beauty look. Of course when I go out or when experimenting with products for the blog I’ll try something new, but normally I keep it pretty routine. For 2017 I’m going to try rocking eyeshadow more often on a day-to-day basis, and finally perfect the dreaded cat eye!

Try a New Hair Color

I’ve literally only colored my hair either jet black or a slightly lighter brown and thats it. I’m thinking this year is the time I bust out an ombre look, or extreme blonde situation. Who knows, but it’ll be completely new — stay tuned!

Learn How to French Braid / Cornrow My Own Hair

Because, it’s just sad that I can’t at 27 ..

What are your beauty resolutions for 2017?

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  1. Love this…and it definitely made me think of some of 2017 Beauty Resolutions;

    1) Commit to beautifying my natural face (natural eyelashes, natural edges, clear and glowing natural skin, etc.)

    2) Learn to apply eyeshadow more efficiently and


    4) Treat myself to facials once a month or once every other month

    I’m sure that there are some more, but those are some that I came up with off the top of my head.

    Love your site, Aisha!

    1. Hey Janae! Such great resolutions!! Thank you for sharing — Happy New Year 🙂