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The Best Blue Nail Polish Ever, By Gelish

A good blue polish is hard to come by. Which is why I just had to share details on this color I recently applied to my nails from Gelish in “Mali-Blu Me Away.” ($13) It is bold and radiant enough that it makes a statement, but somehow remains neutral enough not to clash with any colors I’m wearing. In the photos the polish is actually about a week old and still upheld the shine, and it hasn’t chipped! I’m writing this as I creep up on week two of having the color and literally they still look as fresh as the day I got them done. Granted they are gel so you would hope they’d last this long, but that sadly isn’t the case with all brands. Gelish is one of my favorites when it comes to gel for that reason, their polishes are much more durable and very highly pigmented. As the title says, this is literally the best blue nail polish—hands down. I’ve been complimented on it so many times and most of the women have had the same sentiment about getting that “right” blue. 

To really make the nail color pop I paired it with this Velvet Eyeliner I’m loving by NARS in “Blue Lotus.” ($24)

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  1. YAS! Love this color so much!

    1. Thank you! You should try it!