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Vajacial: I Decided to Get a Facial..for My Vagina

Now, before I get started let me clarify that a Vajacial is for the outer part of your vagina — the pelvic area specifically. Not inside like vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation, ha!

Anyhoo, I came across an article recently about an editor who had visited Haven Spa in NYC to get what they call a “Peach Smoothie,” which is essentially a facial but for your vagina. For this treatment they gently cleanse the area with a special exfoliating scrub, followed by applying an acid peel to help free trapped hairs and blocked pores. All of which they say takes no more than 15 minutes.

Vajacials are done to treat in-grown hairs, remove dead skin cells and smooth bumps around the bikini line. They¬†help to prevent acne in the area and maintain smoother more hydrated skin. It’s also supposed to help brighten the area and even out the skin tone.

As I read more on the treatment and that it’s actually been around for quite some time now I became increasingly intrigued. Especially since I was big on shaving down there for a while until the past year or so in which I began using Veet (as mentioned in this post here). Though I haven’t shaved in quite some time (because I use Veet) I still have some minimal scarring from the former razor bumps that I would like to get clear up. So, I immediately booked an appointment at Haven Spa last Friday.

The woman wasn’t necessarily as warm as I’d like her to have been at first, but I guess she’s seen enough vaginas at this point to not be as excited as I was. When we got to the private room she handed me a white terry cloth wrap skirt and said she’d step out for a minute so I could undress from the waist down before she returned. I’ve gotten waxes before so I was pretty used to this process and don’t consider myself to be very shy in these situations. When she returned, she took a UV light like they use when doing a regular facial and focused in on my lady parts. Now, I’ll have to admit, this made me a little fidgety! She examined the area and although I didn’t think I had any ingrown hairs, she apparently found some and began removing them one-by-one. OUCH! This was definitely my least favorite part of the process.

Afterwards, she began exfoliating and then did the chemical peel, which all stung slightly because I was still recovering from her plucking the ingrowns. The best part I would have to say was the mask application. She put on a thick layer of the mask, covered it with what looked like saran wrap and let it sit for about 7-minutes. It tingled at first, but was overall quite soothing.

The entire process stuck to the timeline I anticipated of 15-minutes and though I can tell that continually getting a “Peach Smoothie” would produce the results I wanted¬†— essentially, it’s a treatment I can do myself at home. It cost me about $55 + tax + tip, which at first seemed like a steal given the cost of a regular facial, yet afterwards I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. What I will say though is that this experience affirmed that I need to actively make upkeep on my vagina, aside from simple hair removal, part of my normal beauty routine. I generally use a gentle scrub and apply facial oil to it at night, which the woman at Haven Spa said was a good start. But I’m thinking I’ll start applying a mask down there more often as well and see what happens. Stay tuned!