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3 Glossier Products I’ll Be Rocking All Summer ’17


When it comes to clothing I don’t necessarily have a typical “uniform,” I’d consider myself more of a style “chameleon” if you will, and dress depending particularly on my mood. Makeup on the other hand, I keep pretty routine on a day-to-day basis. I have a specific no-fuss look I like to maintain, that still makes a statement. In the summer I gravitate towards lightweight products but keep the formula for my face beat consistent–bold brows, rosy cheeks and a highlight. So it’s no secret as to why I’m obsessed with Glossier, which is known for their array of effortless yet highly functional beauty products.

I recently got my hands on their new cream blush, Cloud Paint ($18) in Haze, which I’m obsessed with. I don’t typically use a cream or liquid blush so this was new for me, but now I’m hooked! When I wear blush, I really wear blush and like for my cheeks to be super rosy, so I love how highly pigmented the Cloud Paint is. At first it surprisingly came on a bit more extreme than I would like, but with a bit of blending it settles into the skin perfectly giving a natural look. Glossier also has a deal right now where if you use the code 2Blush at check-out you can get two Cloud Paints for only $30 — I’d definitely recommend snagging one for yourself.

To add some subtle shimmer to my look I follow this by applying the Glossier Haloscope ($22) highlighter in Quartz. What makes this highlighter stand out from most others is that it acts as not only makeup but skincare. The outer circle contains actual crystals with rose quartz to give that sheen and then in the center is coconut and castor seed oil to help it glide on easily while also providing the skin with added moisture. I love a glow in the summer and this one looks so natural.

You know I love a strong brow — so to finish off the look, I have to apply Glossier’s brow gel Boy Brow ($16). I honestly hate the “perfect” eyebrow trend in which people basically draw them on. It’s all about enhancing your natural brow and creating shape, not forcing it. Boy Brow does just that with its tiny brush that combs the hairs for a groomed look. I like Boy Brow in brown so that as I comb the hairs it neatly fills in the area around them for a naturally fuller look. The ingredients include Beeswax and Carnauba Wax to hold hair in place without stiffness, as well as Oleic Acid which is derived from olive oil that nourishes and moisturizes your brows.

With a little bit of my favorite concealer under the eyes I think I’m good to go this summer. Glossier actually re-launched their lip gloss after I did this shoot so I wasn’t able to include, but look out for a new post on it in the near future! For anyone shopping at Glossier’s website for the first time, using my link will give you 20% off at check-out and free shipping on all orders over $30. What are you waiting for? Stock up!


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  1. Freaking beautiful black queen <3 <3

    1. Thank you, dear! I appreciate the kind words!!