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My $6 Skin Savior: Korean Sheet Masks by LEADERS

When I tell you I am addicted to masking — I’m not joking. Hard stop. It all started when I was a little girl and used to see my mom and grandma applying those facial masks that you peel off at night. I’d always get super excited when my mom told me she’d be using one because she would let me help her peel it off. Back then I didn’t fully understand all the benefits that masking had, I more so just thought it was cool and kind of freaky! Also, my mom and grandma have the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen, so I figured it had to be something positive. As I’ve gotten older I’ve of course explored a number of ways to maintain clear and radiant skin and though I consistently use facial cleansers I wanted to try something that gave a deeper more in-depth clean to every inch of my face. Enter, facial masks.

I primarily used masks that wash off, and about a year and a half ago or so people started raving about Korean sheet masks and how they take masking to the next level — I had to get my hands on some. LEADERS Cosmetics was actually the first brand of Korean sheet masks I tried– and quite frankly they are my favorite. I’ve written about them in the past, but I had to bring the brand up again for two reasons. 1. my continued use over the past year has really brought some amazing results, and 2. people are actually reading my blog now, ha!

LEADERS Sheet Masks

LEADERS offers a huge variety of skincare products, but they are most known for their outstanding array of sheet masks. They have masks in two categories, those made with Premium Coconut Gel and others made with 100% Cotton. Each of their Coconut Gel Masks is made from 100% fresh and natural coconut juice that help deliver 10 times more moisture than traditional woven masks. Similarly, the Cotton masks retain serum 13 times greater than it’s weight and provides the same benefits. LEADERS masks each cater to specific needs of the wearer, for instance they have a Calming Mask, Pore Minimizing Mask, Moisturizing Mask, Anti-Aging Mask, Brightening Mask and so forth. Name your skin issue and they have you covered. Not to mention, the Premium Coconut Gel Masks are only $6 or $7 each, and the Cotton Masks are $3 or $5 HALLELUJAH!

I generally mask once a week — twice if it has been a particularly stressful one on my life / skin. The LEADERS masks contour to fit perfectly on my face and I love the cool tingly sensation the serum gives while I’m wearing it, so I know it’s working. After 20 minutes I remove it and then let the remaining product seep into my pores.

If you aren’t masking, specifically sheet masking you need to start now! I’m not someone who gets facials often, so this is the perfect alternative. It’s cheap, quick, hassle free and really delivers.

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