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Cuticles Matter Too! Take Care of Them With Morgan Taylor’s “Remedy” Cuticle Oil!

Having dry or peeling cuticles can ruin the look of any manicure. They can honestly make or break the outcome of a fresh full-set and often times we forget about how important they can be in protecting our nails from infection. Keeping them moisturized helps lessen the likelihood of them cracking and looking ashy and to help maintain mine, my go-to as of late has been the Morgan Taylor ‘Remedy’ Renewing Cuticle Oil ($11.50). I literally keep it on my bedside table so that I can give my cuticles a boost before bed and in the morning before heading to work. This cuticle oil is made with moisturizing anti-oxidant grape seed, vitamin E, sunflower and safflower oil to help maintain moisture and protect the cuticles from harsh environmental factors. If you don’t have time of the $$ to purchase this particular cuticle oil, an alternative is rubbing on Vaseline to your cuticles in the morning and at night.  

Unfortunately, most nail technicians don’t really take the overall health of the cuticles into account when giving manicures. They all generally want to clip away at them, which not only can increase risk of infection because that protective layer is gone — but also, it makes them more susceptible to cracking or peeling once you leave the shop. No matter what state your cuticles are in currently, it’s best to just ask the nail tech to leave them alone and simple push back and elongate your nail bed. Then from there, moisturize your cuticles throughout the day and watch them come back to life. 

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