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Ladies, Let’s Get Real About Facial Hair Removal. I’m Not Talking Eyebrows!

Lumina Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover

About five years ago I started threading my brows. Prior to that I had been waxing them but realized pencil thin wasn’t really my look, and decided to switch to a more shape-driven hair removal process. This was also the time in which I got tired of having beauticians ask me the extremely invasive question, “upper lip?” So I decided to tackle my lady ‘stache as well and got a two for one special… When I tell you real tears were running down my face uncontrollably I am not lying to you! Brows, I can deal with, but that little area above my lip is no joke — I had zero tolerance for that pain. Especially since threading is such a slow and meticulous process. To add on to that, I’d leave looking like I just had a full glass of Koolaid because the area would be so red from irritation.

After a few failed attempts, I said “eff it” and from there on out resorted to putting concealer and a little extra foundation on my upper lip area in an attempt to camouflage the hairs. This worked a bit, but I could never fully escape them in all their shadowed glory..

Lumina Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover

It wasn’t until recently that I read about a woman who for years painlessly removed the tiny hairs on her upper lip using the “As Seen on TV” Finishing Touch Lumina Personal Hair Remover ($9.99). I personally had never seen it on TV, but my interest was piqued when she mentioned it was painless. I did some research and decided to test drive it myself, after all it’s only $10 bucks. I picked one up at a nearby Bed, Bath and Beyond and used it just last night.

The set up process was pretty simple and the package came with it’s own battery. After hitting the on switch the light came on immediately but it took a few seconds before the razor began to rotate. The sound it made scared me a little and I said a prayer that I wouldn’t cut myself. At a 45 degree angle I gently glided it across my upper lip and watched as the tiny hairs vanish. I felt no pain! The Lumina comes with a light-enhancement that helps you see all of the baby fine hairs so that you don’t miss a spot. It took less than a minute for me to get rid of all the hairs and left that area super smooth and looking brighter.

Facial Hair Removal

I personally wouldn’t use it for my eyebrows, but when it comes to getting the upper lip or any stray whiskers you may have on your face it does the trick. It is also pretty inconspicuous and I can easily fit it into an overnight toiletry bag or my purse when traveling. A few of the reviews I saw online complained that it wasn’t durable enough, but honestly I think some folks were trying to use it for heavy duty clipping. This is something you use for very fine and minimal hairs — not on your arms, legs, vagina or underarms. For the price, I would highly recommend this product and can see myself using it for quite some time. It’s the little knick knack I never knew I needed!

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  1. You should consider laser hair removal. Although it is expensive it is worth it in the long run. If you ever get it done just make sure to go to a professional that specializes in doing people of color. It is painful but after 6-8 treatments your hair is completely gone and you dont have to worry about missing a day when you forgot to shave your lip or any other body part.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much for the feedback! You’re so right, a permanent solution would definitely be worth it. I’m such a wimp when it comes to pain but I’ll look in to it, and make sure it’s someone who specializes in people of color. Such a good suggestion!!