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Care/of Makes Taking Vitamins Fun Again!

When I was a little girl I used to sneak into the kitchen when my mom wasn’t looking and take about five or six Flintstone chewable vitamins. I wasn’t even a big candy kid, but I think the chalky sweet sensation and knowing that taking more than one or two was off limits made them a bit more appealing. I didn’t fully understand why taking vitamins was important, but they were just so yummy that I never missed a dosage back then. As an adult, however, chewable and gummy vitamins (for obvious reasons) are much less acceptable and when I think of vitamins my mind goes to those snooze worthy Centrum commercials from the 90’s and that rainbow logo — not very exciting. Until recently, thanks to Care/of.

I’m going to be honest, for the past few years I’ve wanted to start taking vitamins on a regular basis, and understand the importance of getting those supplements I’ve been missing out on, but I’ve been too lazy to do the research. Every commercial seems the same and I don’t necessarily feel taking an ordinary multi-vitamin will help me specifically. 

I was reached out to a few weeks ago by someone from the brand Care/of asking if I’d be interested in trying out their system. Obviously I said yes, not just because VOGUE.com and ManRepeller are into them, but because the convenience of the entire process is too good to pass up. 

Photo Credit: Care/of

Once on the website, to get started you are give a 5-minute questionnaire covering four categories; Basics, Goals, Value, Lifestyle. These covered everything from your age and gender to your energy and stress levels. I wished they had gotten a bit more specific with certain questions, I wouldn’t mind doing a questionnaire like this that was longer so that it could get even more personal. Yet, the diagnosis ended up being quite specific and in line with my needs. They even assessed the area in which I live (NYC) and how the lack of sunshine for most of the year is effecting my Vitamin D intake. I noted that the areas I wanted to explore most were my energy, stress, skin and brain health (sometimes I’m a bit ADD at work haha). I was diagnosed with the following: 

Once they share a recommendation you have the option to remove or keep those specific pills. They provide further details on each vitamin, their benefits and research done to support them. Each vitamin is priced out individually and mine ranged from $5/month – $14/month each and in total my pack would be $28/month, which really isn’t that bad considering the long term benefits. My pack took a little longer than expected to ship because the demand for Care/of has gone up tremendously as of late, and they are in the process of expanding their fulfillment center. I know this because I received a very nice and detailed note from one of the Co-Founders explaining the delay. Once it arrived I was of course in love with the packaging. It’s chic design coupled with personalized vitamin packages with my name on it was a nice touch. I can easily slip it into my purse each day for work, and the dispenser is cute enough to put on my shelf and not look out of place amongst my things. 

With our generation being heavily driven by aesthetics and bespoke services, it’s no surprise that a brand such as Care/of has come to fruition. Aside from the convenience of it, what makes Care/of stand out is it’s very direct approach and that they don’t confuse consumers with fancy / confusing terminology. They disclose all details of their research and manufacturing as well, which gave me a sense of reassurance before placing my order. Their ingredients are also apparently better, their research and development team travels overseas to source ingredients and find ways to produce clean / effective products. 

For the most part, I have fortunately seen increases in my energy and focus since beginning to use the vitamins. However, I do keep in mind that with vitamins you have to understand that a lot of their benefit it more so long-term or are in ways you cannot necessarily feel. If you’re someone like myself who really doesn’t know much about the world of Vitamins, but know that it’s time to start taking it seriously, I’d definitely recommend giving Care/of a try. 

For your first two weeks free use the code TWOFORYOU at check out on takecareof.com 

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