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VIDEO: Products + Tools I’m Bringing On Vacation to Maintain My Transitional Hair

YAS — I am going on vacation overseas to the beautiful Portugal in just a few short days. I literally cannot contain my excitement! My boyfriend and I will be staying in Lisbon for the first half of the trip and then exploring the beaches of Algarve for the rest. While there, I’ll of course be indulging in their amazing food, history and scenery but I have to do it in style. Now that I am transitioning, hair maintenance on vacation isn’t as simple as it used to be. There’s definitely a lot more that goes in to the upkeep of a flexi rod set for an entire week, which is why leading up to my trip I’ve been researching and gathering specific tools and products to help make this easier. 

Here’s a video highlighting all of the products and tools I will be bringing with me to keep my curls fresh during our romantic getaway!


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