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She is French: Granola Made by Women, for Women on the Go

I’m not a morning person, and I don’t drink coffee –I know, recipe for disaster. Somehow, however, over my adult years I’ve been able to maintain energy throughout the day. Many times it’s taken heavy prayer, but for the most part I owe it to the fact that I try my best never to skip breakfast. Being that I’m not a morning person, it’s rare that I make an elaborate breakfast, unless it’s the weekend — so I like to get items that I can just throw in my purse as I hurry out of my apartment and can eat at my desk in the office.

Now, when I say something simple I can just grab I don’t necessarily mean a hot pocket (although I love them too). I opt for breakfast that has health benefits to give me natural energy, such as yogurt and granola, which is my go-to. Granola can be a little tricky, because you don’t want to be chomping away on some bland oats just to say you’re being “healthy,” and food is supposed to taste good, after all. I like a granola blend that is good for me, but doesn’t scream tree hugger, which is why I was so pleased to try the new brand She is French

She is French believes that food should taste good, feel good and make you look good — in that order. I am a certified foodie and find so much delight in eating a good meal. Often times I feel with this huge surge in eating healthy that the enjoyment can sometimes get lost. So it’s always great to find something that is not only healthy but tastes just as good.

She is French uses a base of gluten-free oats, extra virgin olive oil and raw honey — then incorporates additional ingredients such as coconut, cranberry, ginger and more to add more flavor. Each is chicly packaged in a petite pouch that fits perfectly into your purse.

So far there are only three blends, Alba (Maca, Almond, Coconut), Karine (Turmeric, Cashew, Cranberry) and Lauren (Matcha, Walnut, Ginger). Of the three my favorite has to be Karine. The pricing on each isn’t bad either, $3.50 — with the option of buying a 3-pack of larger sized bags for $28.50. 

I look forward to seeing what other flavors they’ll include in the future, maybe one with bits of chocolate, named Aisha, ha! 

She is French cares about women nourishing their bodies not only through their products, but they are also a contributor to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and FoodBank NYC. You know I love a brand that gives back.

You can find She is French in select shops in NYC and Paris or purchase online. Stock up on a few bags this week, trust me they’re worth it!

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