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So I tried HUBBLE Contacts, Here are My Thoughts

I have literally seen ads for HUBBLE Contacts everywhere — I’m not sure if it’s the same outside of New York but they are plastered all over the subway and I’ve seen it consistently on my social media feeds. As someone who has been wearing glasses / contacts my entire life I was obviously intrigued, especially because of their budget friendly price point.

After having gone to my annual eye exam and  my optometrist asking me if I’d be interested in paying over $500 for some new dailies by Acuvue, I knew it was time to consider my options. This was right before my trip to Portugal, so of course I politely declined and ran out of there with the freebies she gave me to hold over until I got back. For the most part, I’ve always worn the bi-weekly contacts, I’ve always been too cheap to splurge on dailies. However when I saw that HUBBLE offered them for only $30 a month, I figured it was worth giving a try. Especially since HUBBLE is currently offering a promotion that let’s you try two weeks worth of contacts for free (plus the $3 for shipping of course). Similar to 1-800-Contacts, I simply signed up, put in my contact prescription strength and then HUBBLE took care of the rest by confirming that information with my eye doctor directly. Within days, I received my two week trial boxes. 

Now that we’ve gone through the finances of it, let’s talk the actual product. I did notice that these contacts were a bit thinner than the ones I was used to from Acuvue, but I chalked that up to the fact that they were dailies and not technically supposed to be worn for over 24-hours. Once they were inserted, I also noticed that there was a slightly different shape to them than I was used to, and although my vision was crystal clear it took a few minutes for my eyes to fully adjust.

One thing I do not like is that these lenses got dirty extremely quickly. I will admit, I’m one of those who doesn’t always wash my hands before putting in my contacts, but when I realized that these lenses pick up dust molecules so easily I of course changed my ways. There would be times in which I’d put in a fresh out the pack contact and I’d feel a slight grain on it. So I’d have to take it out and clean vigorously with contact solution before putting it back in. Not to say that they are dirty while in the package, but that from my experience they seem to be highly susceptible to gathering dust. However, once in my eyes particle free I literally don’t worry about them for the rest of the day, they are extremely comfortable. 

Overall, I think this is a wonderful way of making contacts more affordable for many more people especially young adults, but I’m not sure that this will be my long term method of getting contacts. Reason being that from the research I’ve done, HUBBLE actually uses a much older lens material, which is why their prices are so affordable. However, for right now in my life these are perfect for my pockets, don’t agitate my eyes and the packaging is chic, haha! If you’re strapped on cash, but need to re-up on your prescription I’d absolutely recommend giving them a try. 

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