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Only Rihanna Could Get Me to Buy Blue Lipstick and I’m Glad I Did!

As you can see from the title, I have never in my life worn blue lipstick and though I’ve admired it on some from afar — never truly found myself enticed enough to go out and buy it. I just hadn’t seen a blue shade that I felt I could pull off in real-life. Sure it’d look cool in pictures but really, where am I going? Or at least that’s what I thought until now. Perhaps it’s the fact that I saw our first runner up “Lord and Savior” Rihanna (first place is of course, Beyonce) or because I’ve recently developed an obsession with the color navy / midnight blue (an accent wall in my bedroom is the color, and so are my couches). Either way, when I saw promo shots for her new Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick ($18) in the shade “Clap Back,” I knew I had to have it. 

I’m not going to lie, the tube is definitely a lot smaller than I anticipated, but I guess for the $18 price point it’s doable. I purchased both “Clap Back” and “Griselda,” because I also really needed a nice Bordeaux color. I tried “Clap Back” first and to say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement — it’s one thing to see Rihanna in it looking amazing but the way the color adapted to my skin tone was so satisfying. The pigment of the Mattemoiselle collection lipstick’s is extremely rich and it didn’t take much to get the full coverage I like.

What I love about “Clap Back” is that the blue is bold yet still chic enough as to not come off obnoxious. It’s vampy yet sophisticated and definitely adds something different to my array of traditional lip colors. 

Although I do consider “Griselda” a more traditional shade, it’s one I’ve had a hard time finding in the past. I’ve always wanted the perfect wine colored lipstick to replace my usual true red for the winter months.

I decided to wear “Griselda” to work and test out the collection’s “all day color” promise, which is something I’ve only really been able to see liquid lipsticks hold up to. My lips felt moisturized and still do as I type up this story at 9:04pm with the color still intact. Although there was some slight loss in pigmentation after lunch, it held up really well for hours, so much so that I kept forgetting I had it on because it really is weightless. A lot of the time with matte colors, although it may not dry out my lips I still feel that stiffness on my lips, but fortunately these feel as if I’m only wearing balm. 

Given that I am not yet a superstar blogger (I will be though, claiming it!) the lovely Fenty Beauty PR team did not send me the complete range of colors to share with you. However, after buying and trying these two myself I will definitely be purchasing other Mattemoiselle colors in the future. Someday I’ll also get my hands on her Pro Filt’r Foundation ($34). I have yet to try it because the darker shades are continuously sold out in every Sephora I go to, and I refuse to guess and order online ๐Ÿ™

Let me know what your thoughts are on her foundation, or the Mattemoiselle collection in the comments below! 

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  1. You look beautiful in blue! LOVE IT!!!