Skincare May 3, 2018

Clear Dark Marks + Brighten Skin Using the YLLO Beauty Turmeric Face Scrub!

I’ll be headed to Tulum next week with my boyfriend and I am so excited. He and I haven’t been on a long solo vacation since last summer, so this is much overdue. In preparation for my trip, I’m trying to get my skin in tip top shape — the weather out there is no joke and I doubt I’ll be wearing much makeup. Several weeks ago I came across a new brand, YLLO Beauty, at first it was their eye-catching photos and chic packaging that caught my eye, but once I read more about their mission, I knew I had to give it a try. (oo that rhymes!

YLLO Beauty is all about helping girls, and their mission is to end child marriage. Crazy enough, in South Asia almost 50% of girls are married before their 18th birthday. To combat this, YLLO Beauty hopes to empower young girls by improving access to secondary education. 10% of the brand’s profits will be donated to Plan International Canada’s Hatibandha Project

To align with their mission, YLLO Beauty’s products are inspired by Indian traditions that naturally nourish and restore skin, with their main ingredient being Turmeric. Turmeric when used on the skin is known for it’s amazing detoxifying properties that help with anti-aging, clearing dark marks, relieving redness and brightening it overall. The product I’ve been using from their line is the Turmeric Facial Scrub ($16), which has been helping clear up my dark acne scars. 

To use the scrub, you mix it with water (or rosewater, or diluted apple cider vinegar) until it forms a paste, then apply it using a brush. I put together a quick and easy tutorial for you below on YouTube. FYI: I’m going to start incorporating more than just hair tutorials on my YouTube channel and this is the beginning!


Given that their Turmeric Scrub actually works, is great for the skin and gives back — I have to say that YLLO Beauty will definitely be one of my go-to skincare brands, and totally recommend you checking it out!


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