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Nails May 31, 2017

Cuticles Matter Too! Take Care of Them With Morgan Taylor’s “Remedy” Cuticle Oil!

Having dry or peeling cuticles can ruin the look of any manicure. They can honestly make or break the outcome of a fresh full-set and often times we forget about how important they can be in protecting our nails from infection. Keeping them moisturized helps lessen the likelihood of them cracking and looking ashy and to help maintain mine, my go-to as of late has been the Morgan Taylor ‘Remedy’ Renewing Cuticle Oil ($11.50). I literally keep it on my…

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Makeup Nails May 16, 2017

HOT Pink Gel Nail Polish for Summer by WAVEGEL

It’s finally hot in NYC and so are my finger nails! I wasted no time getting a bright hue for the warmer months and got my manicure done in a fun hot pink by WAVEGEL in “Purple Pepper.” I tried a new nail salon, 28 Nail, by my office and decided to go for something new to fête the change of season. As you know, I’m typically a Gelish girl when it comes to my gel manicures. I’ve dabbled in OPI,…

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Nails April 15, 2017

Give Your Nails a Fresh Intro to Spring with Mint Polish!

I decided on a whim to get mint green nails as my “intro to spring” color and I am seriously considering re-polishing them this color the next time I visit the nail salon! Green is probably one of the most underrated colors in my opinion — I honestly forget about it all the time. Which could also be because there isn’t much grass here in NYC. Nevertheless, about once a year I dip into the world of green polish and…

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Makeup Nails February 7, 2017

The Best Blue Nail Polish Ever, By Gelish

A good blue polish is hard to come by. Which is why I just had to share details on this color I recently applied to my nails from Gelish in “Mali-Blu Me Away.” ($13) It is bold and radiant enough that it makes a statement, but somehow remains neutral enough not to clash with any colors I’m wearing. In the photos the polish is actually about a week old and still upheld the shine, and it hasn’t chipped! I’m writing this…

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Fragrance General Beauty Makeup Nails Skincare December 7, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

I honestly love Christmas and the holiday season as a whole. I love the mulled wine, decorating the tree, Christmas albums and of course the gifts. Obviously I love receiving them, but I get so much excitement out of researching and giving gifts to others. Sometimes it may seem daunting trying to get something that you know for a fact the person you’re gifting will absolutely love, so I definitely look to holiday gift guides for inspiration. I decided to…

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Fragrance General Beauty Hair Makeup Nails Skincare May 12, 2016

Credo Beauty NYC Store Opening!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the NYC store-opening event for Credo Beauty. Credo is a San Francisco based beauty retailer that only sells products made by brands who use sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. It’s literally a one-stop shop for anyone who’s looking to purchase beauty products that are not just effective and beautiful, but clean as well. Credo’s new NYC space will carry over 100 brands in categories ranging from skin care, makeup, hair care, men’s,…

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Nails May 2, 2016

ESSIE “Flowerista” Gel Polish

As a Fashion Publicist, I am constantly in and out of meetings, dinners, lunches, events etc., and as someone who speaks with their hands I need to make sure my nails aren’t chipped. The upkeep with regular polish is difficult, to say the least. I would literally polish my nails one night and then by the end of the next day – chipped. One day I decided to just bite the bullet and start getting gel polish every two weeks.…

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Nails March 8, 2016

Spring’s Hottest Nail Colors

In a few weeks I’m heading to New Orleans for a mini vacay with my mom. The last time I was in NOLA I rocked shiny gold nails to embrace the Mardi Gras spirit – even though it wasn’t Mardi Gras…because I’m extra.…

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Nails Skincare March 8, 2016

A Cure for Your Cuticles from Deborah Lippmann

Growing up I was a chronic nail biter – it got so bad that I began picking away at my cuticles once the nails were too low to chew on. I know – gross and not very hygienic. In college, to rectify the problem I started making it a priority to polish my nails as often as possible. I obviously didn’t like the taste of nail polish so it helped with the biting, but not my cuticles. They became so dry and…

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