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Fragrance General Beauty Makeup Nails Skincare December 7, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

I honestly love Christmas and the holiday season as a whole. I love the mulled wine, decorating the tree, Christmas albums and of course the gifts. Obviously I love receiving them, but I get so much excitement out of researching and giving gifts to others. Sometimes it may seem daunting trying to get something that you know for a fact the person you’re gifting will absolutely love, so I definitely look to holiday gift guides for inspiration. I decided to…

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Fragrance Hair Makeup Skincare December 1, 2016

My Favorite Products: November

With being a beauty blogger I am of course constantly scouting and trying new products each week or even each day. However, I feel it’s important to have a routine in the products you use and stick to what works best — this is when you really see results. So, I decided that each month I’d highlight the products I use most consistently that don’t necessarily fit into my weekly reviews. Here are my favorite products from November. MAC Studio…

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Fragrance General Beauty Hair Makeup Skincare November 30, 2016

Beauty Must-Haves For an Impromptu Night Away from Home

The other day my girlfriend Natalie and I were discussing items that women should always have in their purse when going out with a guy — you know, just in case you decide not to go home… If you’re like me, you usually travel with a mid to smaller sized cross body bag or clutch when out on the weekends, so we have to be strategic. Here are some purse / wallet friendly beauty must-have items I’d recommend keeping on…

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Fragrance General Beauty Hair Makeup Skincare November 22, 2016

My November Birchbox Products!

Birchbox is truly the easiest way to test out a variety of new beauty products and I highly recommend it for all beauty lovers. Here are my products for November! Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes ($16.50) A.K.A. eyeliner, haha. I love when brands give a fancy name to very simple products. My phases with eyeliner go in and out, I’ll spend months not wearing it to achieve a more “fresh faced” look, and then I’ve have a phase where I’m…

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Skincare November 16, 2016

Get Baby Soft Feet, Really!

Its that time of the year again where I find myself in layers and layers of clothing just to manage the walk to the train in the morning for work. The last thing on anyone’s minds is what exactly my feet look like, but this is the best time to really prep them for a flawless spring debut. Also, it’s cuffing season. Who wants to rub an ashy heel on their significant other while cuddling? Aside from getting regular pedicures…

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Makeup Skincare November 16, 2016

ARROW Hydrate Soothing Facial Mist

I really wish I had discovered this product sooner — I absolutely LOVE the ARROW Hydrate Soothing Facial Mist ($12). First off, ARROW is a brand created by Birchbox that specializes in lightweight, long-wearing makeup and skincare to accommodate an active lifestyle. The brand has makeup products like a cheek tint and color enhancing lip balm that actually stay on throughout a workout. I’ve never been the type to want to wear makeup to the gym, but this is very tempting!…

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Skincare August 19, 2016

Swipe Fresh!

I don’t think I’ve stopped sweating for about 2 weeks straight. The heat and humidity in NYC has become literally unbearable — and I’m saying this as someone who got back from Jamaica not too long ago. While away I stumbled across the Instagram account for this product called Swipe, which is a single-use deodorant wipe. I’m always here for products that bring instant freshness and can help me cope with these sticky hot summer days; not to mention it…

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Skincare August 9, 2016

Drugstore Find: Mayfair Soap Foundry Sugar Scrub

This weekend I stopped by Target to stock up on a few beauty items I’d run low on and decided to browse the aisles for anything else that caught my eye. I’d been meaning to get a new body scrub and I was particularly drawn to the vibrant green Mayfair Soap Foundry Sugar Scrub in Sea Lily Jasmine ($8.99). I hadn’t previously heard of the brand but the packaging was great — very chic and simplistic, so I quickly took…

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General Beauty Hair Makeup Skincare Travel August 8, 2016

Recap: My Jamaican Vacation!

I’m back! So sorry for the long hiatus, I was on a beautiful vacation in my home island of Jamaica. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this as of yet, but I was born there and moved to the U.S. when I was two years old —I actually have not been back since I was 5. So, this was a very overdue trip for me as an adult. I went away with my entire immediate family and we stayed at the…

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