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Fragrance Skincare May 22, 2017

I’m Wearing More Than One Antiperspirant a Day This Summer and Not Just Under My Arms!

The other day I was texting one of my close guy friends, Wes, who’s moving to NYC in a few weeks. Our conversations are usually quite comical and ranging in topic, but one reoccurring item we discuss is just how much the two of us sweat. Aside from the fact that he is a man, Wes and I have very different body types — he’s built like a football player and as you can see I’m pretty lanky. Which goes…

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Fragrance Skincare March 9, 2016

Stay Dry! With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant


In the spirit of NYC finally hitting 70-degree weather today, it’s only right that I write a post on my new favorite deodorant from Dove. It’s almost that time of year where I switch from a more delicate solution to something that can withstand my summer sweats! For some time during the 70’s and 80’s spray on deodorant was a big trend in the U.S., until the government found out that some of the products in them (chlorofluorocarbons) were bad…

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