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Skincare April 19, 2017

My $6 Skin Savior: Korean Sheet Masks by LEADERS

When I tell you I am addicted to masking — I’m not joking. Hard stop. It all started when I was a little girl and used to see my mom and grandma applying those facial masks that you peel off at night. I’d always get super excited when my mom told me she’d be using one because she would let me help her peel it off. Back then I didn’t fully understand all the benefits that masking had, I more so just…

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Skincare March 6, 2017

Vajacial: I Decided to Get a Facial..for My Vagina

Now, before I get started let me clarify that a Vajacial is for the outer part of your vagina — the pelvic area specifically. Not inside like vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation, ha! Anyhoo, I came across an article recently about an editor who had visited Haven Spa in NYC to get what they call a “Peach Smoothie,” which is essentially a facial but for your vagina. For this treatment they gently cleanse the area with a special exfoliating scrub, followed…

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General Beauty December 23, 2016

My 2017 Beauty Resolutions!

I know, a lot of people think making New Year’s Resolutions is bogus and that they rarely get fulfilled, but I’m a firm believer in at least jotting down goals. If they don’t come to fruition within the year, they will in the time they are supposed to — so long as you put them in front of yourself. A few months ago I was reading an old entry in my journal that had a list of goals I wanted…

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