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Hair Skincare May 9, 2017

Ladies, Let’s Get Real About Facial Hair Removal. I’m Not Talking Eyebrows!

Lumina Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover

About five years ago I started threading my brows. Prior to that I had been waxing them but realized pencil thin wasn’t really my look, and decided to switch to a more shape-driven hair removal process. This was also the time in which I got tired of having beauticians ask me the extremely invasive question, “upper lip?” So I decided to tackle my lady ‘stache as well and got a two for one special… When I tell you real tears were…

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General Beauty Hair Skincare July 25, 2016

I Love My: Hair Removal Gel By Veet!

Something I frequently discuss with other women is hair removal — most notably, hair removal “down there.” What’s the best way to go about it? What lasts the longest? What is the least painful? Honestly, it’s all about preference and finding the right products for your skin and needs. Personally, I’ve tried a few methods — shaving, normal waxing, sugar waxing and removal gels. My favorite to-date has to be hair removal gel. For a long time I would shave…

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