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Fragrance General Beauty Hair Makeup Skincare November 22, 2016

My November Birchbox Products!

Birchbox is truly the easiest way to test out a variety of new beauty products and I highly recommend it for all beauty lovers. Here are my products for November! Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes ($16.50) A.K.A. eyeliner, haha. I love when brands give a fancy name to very simple products. My phases with eyeliner go in and out, I’ll spend months not wearing it to achieve a more “fresh faced” look, and then I’ve have a phase where I’m…

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Skincare July 13, 2016

May Lindstrom Skin: The Honey Mud

Adopting a skincare routine that helps in maintaining a balanced complexion is something I find soooo important, especially in the summer months. Not only are we exposed to so many UV Rays that alter our skin’s pigmentation, but because it’s so unbearably hot—we are less likely to wear products like foundation and concealer to achieve an even tone. My go to remedy to accomplish this is by masking. I feel facial masks are perfect for getting an evenly distributed amount…

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Skincare March 8, 2016

Maintaining Moisture with Davines

Fortunately, for my friends and I who live in NYC, this winter hasn’t been nearly as excruciating as last year– minus the record breaking blizzard back in January. Nevertheless, maintaining smooth skin against the wind chill and under layers of clothing is pretty daunting. Personally, I’d prefer not to have to run into the bathroom and lotion up my ankles before getting cozy and taking off socks at my boyfriend’s house (not that he’s any less ashy, but you know what…

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