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Smooth Legs All Summer Thanks to eos + VITA LIBERATA

Okay I’ll admit it, I literally have not purchased shaving cream in years. Yes, years. Why? Because cheap, and because lazy. I will literally use whatever conditioner, shampoo or soap I have in the bathroom at the time as a substitute when shaving. And although these products get the job done they definitely aren’t getting the job done right, in a way that will actually benefit my skin. For that reason I decided its time I get my act together and find myself not only a shaving cream but other products that will make my legs glow since I’ll be showing them off all summer. After all, I did vow to take my skincare routine much more seriously this year –so why stop at my face? We’ve got to pamper ourselves from head, to toe. 

Before I get started with shaving, I gently exfoliate my skin while it is still dry using the Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish Moisturizing Exfoliator ($48). I love a good exfoliator, it really gets rid of that dead skin and this one in particular actually adds moisture once it is washed off. With all natural and organic ingredients such as Beeswax, Sweet Almond and Walnut, this exfoliator is great for enhancing the appearance of skin and leaves mine feeling super smooth. Lately I’ve been using it all over my body as well, not just the legs. 

After having been in the shower for a few minutes and allowing the steam to open my pores, I then apply the eos Pomegranate Raspberry Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream ($3.39). Not only does it smell amazing, but it was very soothing to my skin and left it feeling moisturized even after I pat dry. Shaving cream is super important because it helps lift the hair from the skin, providing a closer shave. Also, it helps expand the life of your razor since it softens the hair. 

To finish off my routine, once I am out of the shower I apply the eos Extra Dry Body Lotion in Vanilla Orchid ($6.49), which smells ah-mazing and really hydrates my skin. My only call out is that it isn’t as thick as I would generally like so though it works well during the summer months, in the winter I’d most likely layer it on with an oil or body butter. 

I love when brands expand their category offering and eos does a wonderful job with these two products. The packaging on both stays true to the brand aesthetic and is also quite chic. Even if you don’t get these three specific products (though I suggest you do), creating a proper shaving routine is so necessary!

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