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Reflections, On My 28th Birthday

Hair holds so much energy. From how our mood affects the way we shape and style it to how the way it comes out can then drastically alter that mood. Growing up, I felt my hair was all I had to showcase my beauty. It was often the trait that justified me being what other’s considered, “pretty for a dark skinned girl.” Over the years I fortunately grew less and less attached to my tresses and began experimenting with different styles, each of which were pivotal for a particular moment in my life. Most recently, I began on the journey to discovering my natural hair texture. Although it was liberating to be undertaking something I never imagined doing before, I still felt that weight (literally) and energy from before. This past year was the beginning of my personal transformation, so for my 28th birthday I decided why not just completely start anew. So the other day, I cut it all off. Happy Birthday New Year, to me. 

My 27th year laid the groundwork for 28. A number of things were removed from my life — some taken, and others I finally had the clarity to see had run their course. Previously, I would have let these circumstances consume me, but one day something clicked and my mindset changed. In my mind, I started to look at losses as advantages, which gradually led to my world being filled with blessings. It was as if I could finally see in technicolor. It’s super human in a way, realizing that your thoughts can truly shape your reality. No more bad days, no more broken heart, no more shattered self esteem. 

For my birthday shoot I took inspiration from the artist Moshoodat Sanni’s ‘Shine Series’, which features Black women dripping in glitter. Moshoodat’s goal is to help empower other women of color by bringing their inner beauty to the forefront in a more expressive way. I too wanted to shine from the inside out like the women in Moshoodat’s portraits and decided to adorn myself in flaked gold confetti. After all, finding and actively working to maintain inner peace is cause for celebration. 

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  1. Love this – happy birthday my love!!!

    1. Thank you!!! Muah!