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How To: Make Your Own BB Cream

I honestly thought BB cream just wasn’t made for me, or women with darker skin tones for that matter. I tried a number of different brands, even some that claim to be for black women to no avail, everything just made my skin look ashy with a slight white cast. So I threw in the towel, that is — until recently.

Of course as the warmer months roll around (very slowly here in NYC) I’ve seen so many stories pop up about the best BB creams since they’re lightweight and ideal in the summer. As I browsed through the selections and what each product offered it dawned on me that I pretty much put on BB Cream everyday within my own skincare routine.

Let me backtrack a bit to give more context. BB Cream, or beauty / blemish balm is an often tinted lightweight cream that moisturizes, protects the skin from UV rays and color corrects all in one tube.

I wear sunscreen, a color correcting / dark spot removing moisturizer and foundation — so why not just combine them? I went to The Google to make sure I wasn’t trippin’ with this concoction idea and was pleased to find that making your own BB Cream is just that simple! So, I got to mixing. Here’s my recipe!

Ingredient 1: Sunscreen

For facial sunscreen I of course chose the Glossier Invisible Shield ($34). I’ve already reviewed it here, as you know it is super lightweight and doesn’t leave that annoying white cast. So I knew it’d be perfect for mixing with the other products. 

Ingredient 2: Foundation 

I generally use a liquid foundation, and that is what I’d recommend when trying to make your own BB Cream. My go-to foundation is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC-50 ($28), I’ve been using it for years and for my skin haven’t found anything better. It also has SPF-15, which is an added bonus. I’d recommend using your go-to foundation and shade so that the color is spot on. You can add as little or as much foundation as you want depending on the amount of coverage you’re looking to achieve. BB Creams are known for being light-weight so I don’t tend to use too much.

Ingredient 3: Moisturizer 

The moisturizer I have been using as of late and loving is the POND’s Clarant B-3 Anti-Dark Spot Moisturizer ($9) and let me tell you it has been living up to it’s name. With a solid cleansing routine and this to finish it up, my skin has been thriving, to say the least. I’d recommend getting this product or something similar to ensure that as you wear your BB Cream it is keeping your skin hydrated and putting in work to color correct.

If you’re in need of a BB cream and can’t seem to find one that fits your complexion, why not get thrifty and make your own. Just mix these three ingredients using your own go-to products and voilà!

Here are some photos of me rocking my own!

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