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Skincare May 3, 2017

Vitamin C: The Answer to Your Skin’s Problems, Mainly Dark Marks!

Vitamin C Peel

A few weeks ago I was browsing through one of my favorite websites, Refinery29 and one of their beauty editors mentioned the importance of Vitamin C. This piqued my interest since I hadn’t previously heard many people talk about Vitamin C. Especially since everyone has this huge Retinol obsession right now, so I was excited to hear about something new in the way of skincare. Vitamin C has a number of benefits for the skin, it helps to defend it…

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Skincare April 19, 2017

My $6 Skin Savior: Korean Sheet Masks by LEADERS

When I tell you I am addicted to masking — I’m not joking. Hard stop. It all started when I was a little girl and used to see my mom and grandma applying those facial masks that you peel off at night. I’d always get super excited when my mom told me she’d be using one because she would let me help her peel it off. Back then I didn’t fully understand all the benefits that masking had, I more so just…

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Skincare April 10, 2017

My Secret to Radiant Skin? The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. And It’s Only $15!

I first got my hands on the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($15) when I was shopping in Sephora this past September — because it was my birthday month, they offered a free gift with purchase. I initially chose the Fresh items because I wanted to try the mask (I’m a mask fiend), but ended up loving the cleanser more! I’m typically someone who likes a cleanser with tiny micro beads that exfoliate the skin, so I can “feel” like it’s really working. However,…

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Skincare March 28, 2017

My Winter Skin Has Been Rejuvenated Thanks to Desert Essence

In the winter it is really difficult to achieve “glowing” or refreshed looking skin when the climate is literally sucking all moisture from it. Recently, however, I’ve received a number of compliments on how “fresh” and “flawless” my skin has looked and I really owe it to Desert Essence. I have kept my skincare routine very simple this winter, with my main focus being on retaining moisture. For the most part, I use one facial moisturizer for both day and night, occasionally…

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Skincare March 6, 2017

Vajacial: I Decided to Get a Facial..for My Vagina

Now, before I get started let me clarify that a Vajacial is for the outer part of your vagina — the pelvic area specifically. Not inside like vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation, ha! Anyhoo, I came across an article recently about an editor who had visited Haven Spa in NYC to get what they call a “Peach Smoothie,” which is essentially a facial but for your vagina. For this treatment they gently cleanse the area with a special exfoliating scrub, followed…

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General Beauty Makeup Skincare March 2, 2017

So Excited to Announce that I’m Now a Glossier Rep!

As you all know I absolutely adore the brand Glossier! I’ve mentioned this previously but it’s definitely the “cool girl” beauty brand of the moment with its no frills and all chic approach. Last Friday as I was getting ready for a night out, I got an e-mail from one of the Glossier Community Managers, Samantha, letting me know that she loves the content I’ve been producing and that they are interested in me becoming a rep for the brand!…

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Makeup Skincare February 21, 2017

I Love My: Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Facial Mist

During my office holiday party every year our boss so kindly gives each of us a small gift on top of what we exchange for Secret Santa. This time, she gifted us all with the very chic Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist ($32) — which I actually had on my holiday gift guide. So you already know I was THRILLED to receive it. I’ve been spritzing it on a few times a week ever since and honestly love how…

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Skincare January 17, 2017

At Home Remedy for Chapped, Flaky Lips

My lips have been so chapped this winter — more than any other, and a few of my friends have said that theirs feel the same. I’ve gone through a ton of different lip balms and no matter what they just keep flaking. So I knew I had to up the ante in terms of how I take care of my lips. I started off by researching different lip scrubs, because I feel the best way to begin the process…

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Skincare December 13, 2016

Winter Skin Rejuvenation with Body Butter

I tried to lotion it awayyyyy, drink it awayyyy (with more water) … but this dry skin is putting up a real fight and simple one-step moisturizing isn’t going to cut it. So recently I’ve been layering body butter into my daily routine to rejuvenate my winter skin. After applying lotion, preferably Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant ($6), I have to add body butter on as well. Not only does it usually smell amazing, the difference between a body butter…

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