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Skincare May 3, 2017

Vitamin C: The Answer to Your Skin’s Problems, Mainly Dark Marks!

Vitamin C Peel

A few weeks ago I was browsing through one of my favorite websites, Refinery29 and one of their beauty editors mentioned the importance of Vitamin C. This piqued my interest since I hadn’t previously heard many people talk about Vitamin C. Especially since everyone has this huge Retinol obsession right now, so I was excited to hear about something new in the way of skincare. Vitamin C has a number of benefits for the skin, it helps to defend it…

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Skincare December 13, 2016

Winter Skin Rejuvenation with Body Butter

I tried to lotion it awayyyyy, drink it awayyyy (with more water) … but this dry skin is putting up a real fight and simple one-step moisturizing isn’t going to cut it. So recently I’ve been layering body butter into my daily routine to rejuvenate my winter skin. After applying lotion, preferably Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant ($6), I have to add body butter on as well. Not only does it usually smell amazing, the difference between a body butter…

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