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Black | Up Cosmetics

Initially this story was going to be solely about a new foundation that I am trying out for the spring by Black | Up cosmetics. However, once I got my hands on a few more products from the brand, I fell in love and had to give you all the low down on the company overall.

Black | Up is a Parisian cosmetics brand that caters to women of darker skin tones, and has recently launched in the U.S. As someone who previously used M.A.C foundation exclusively, I was used to my color choice being one of the few darker options and was pleasantly surprised to see just how many brown shades were available to choose from. In their new Matifying Fluid Foundation ($41.50), I ended up going with the NFL11 shade, which blended perfectly with my complexion.

Black | Up Matifying Fluid Foundation

My skin is very oily, so I tend to stay away from overly thick foundations that make my t-zone look like I just ran a track meet, or powder foundations I have to constantly re-apply. The Matifying Fluid Foundation from Black | Up was lightweight yet provided just the right amount of coverage. In moments it dried onto my skin producing a matte yet dewy finish that gave a very natural glow.

Black | Up Matifying Fluid Foundation

I decided to take a risk with the eye shadow – only on rare occasions have I worn colors outside of a gold or silver shimmer, so I decided to try their new Mono Eyeshadow ($22.50) in the shimmery pink / red hue OAP06. I actually really loved it. In the future I’ll probably rock it with a nude lip because of just how bold it is, but it really complimented my skin tone.



From there, to add even more color I put on the New Lipstick ($23) from Black | Up in the RGE33 shade. It came on a bit brighter than it initially looked in the tube, but was still very flattering to my complexion.


I’m 100% sold on Black | Up and look forward to seeing how they maximize their offering in the states. The only critique I have is that I wish the products had cool / fun names to go along with each shade, that’d make them easier to remember. I also have a contour stick from Black | Up that I’ll be trying soon – tutorial to come, haha!

(photos by Steve Jackson)


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  1. Where can I find this in South Florida ?

    1. Hi Avis! Thanks for commenting, you can find the brand at your local Sephora!