Makeup March 5, 2018

The Too Faced Mascara That Brought My Lash Game to the Next Level

I want to begin this post by mentioning that this product is not new — but I just want to make very sure that everyone I know is well aware of this mascara, because it is the absolute best. I had heard about it previously but it wasn’t until I got the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara ($23) in a Sephora gift box two Christmas’ ago that I became a believer. I’m honestly so disappointed in myself for not having reviewed it sooner. I discovered it during a time in which I was actually considering getting individual lashes because I couldn’t find a mascara that gave mine the volume I really wanted. Most that came close to the look I wanted were better suited for a night out, but not everyday wear. That is, until I started using this gem from Too Faced. 

What makes the Better Than Sex Mascara stand out is that it doesn’t simply rely on a stellar formula, the product is enhance by it’s hourglass shaped brush with bristles that help separate and coat each individual lash. During the day, one coat is all I need to brighten my entire face. It’s become a go-to when I’m going super casual on weekends and don’t want to wear any additional makeup. 

Without Too Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara”


With Too Faced “Better Than Sex Mascara”

Does this mascara last all day? I’m going to say yes and no. This isn’t one of those that gives you raccoon eyes as the day goes on, but if you rub your lashes directly or start crying it’s of course going to come off. If you do either on a very regular basis I’d suggest getting the water proof version, which is the exact same price. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of water proof because I then feel like I never really get all of it off and I hate caking makeup on top of more makeup, but of course it is helpful.

With regards to the price point, I understand $23 is pretty steep for a mascara, but the size of the tube is quite substantial and given the fact that it actually works– I’ll say its worth it. But if you’re still hesitant, or cheap like myself get the mini size, which is only $12 and lasts for a while. 

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